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    Why video is the must-use tool for all writers, published or unpublished.  If you're looking to build a fanbase, get the attention of editors and agents or establish your "brand", video is the answer!

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    How to make the two top search engines work FOR YOU so you can start being found on it by millions of people in a matter of minutes.

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    The 10 Types of Videos smart authors are using to sell books, rapidly build their followings and reach more potential readers than ever before.

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    Katie's four secret sources for free content to make your videos absolutely amazing.  These are uber-cool tools few people even know exist!

    And by the way, one important thing you should know: Katie's own niche is children's publishing, but is very clear that what she teaches is for all writers, regardless of subject, niche, interest, pre-published, self-published, traditionally published, or whatever. Her style is cartoony and she jokes around to make learning fun, but boy, is she serious about helping writers learn this important skill.


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